Hi, Wanna be a Liberal?



Every member of Liberal Party of Ghana, who is a student or under 40 is automatically a member of Young Liberals of Ghana. You just have to make sure the party has your age and/or student status when you join. Every other citizen with the same age barrier who also wishes to join the Young Liberals of Ghana can do so.


We work hard to represent the interests of young people within, and outside of, the Liberal Party of Ghana. From helping make policy on issues that matter to young people, to helping our members progress within in the Party with training, support and networking - we're here to help young people and students.

We have a Young and Winning programme, where we help to get young candidates elected. We also arrange campaigning for young candidates wherever possible. This is our small way of attempting to address the democratic deficit that we face. Young people are under-represented in parliaments and councils across the country and governments policies will often reflect that.


We usually host conferences per year, which function a bit like main Liberal Party of Ghana conferences. There are a range of activities, many of them social. There are training sessions for things like public speaking and running for election. And most importantly, we create policy. Like with the Liberal Party of Ghana, any of our members can submit a policy to be debated on and voted for at our conference.


Writing our own policies means we do sometimes disagree with the main party. The Young Liberals of Ghana, as a collective voice, can draw attention to newer ideas and the things which affect young people. You can take a look at our current policies here.


We attend main Liberal Party of Ghana conferences, hosting a range of events including panel discussions, training sessions, and social gatherings. We usually have a table in the exhibition at national conference - so next conference, do well to pass by and say hello!